Are you an ardent lover of fragrance? We, we all are. There’ll be hardly any individuals who do not love the fragrance. But Good perfumes with lasting fragrance are costly.

Have you ever thought what if we attain a little more out of the price we paid for it? Wouldn’t it be great? All you need do is to reuse the perfume bottles rather than simply placing on the self.

People also use the perfume bottles to keep as a decorative item since the fragrance can be used as and when the bottle is set up as a flower vase.

Even who are not acquainted with this habit, you can initiate it, and can add a sparkle to your creativity. A Few DIY Ideas to reuse your perfume bottles:

Perfume Bottles Recycle

1. Create glittery bottles for decoration
Perfume bottles can be visually appealing. But storing empty bottles at the self is kinda boring. You can give these bottles a new life simply by adding some sparkly stuff. And here glitters are at your rescue. Use glitter, glue and water to turn the empty bottle to a decorative piece.

2. Craft wall art using the bottles
Do you use compact cushions? Well, if yes how about using the empty bottles to as mirror to create patterns. And moreover using this mirror cushion combination you can deck your walls. These limited edition designs can a major attraction in your home. With funky perfume bottle, you can produce funky wall art.

3. Wear it as Jewellery
DIY Jewellery is the showstoppers for every occasion. Have some tiny empty perfume bottles? If yes, how about showcasing your skill of creation and styling with the DIY perfume necklaces? You can also add a small note or glitters inside the bottles to taking it a bit far. And weal it around the neck!

4. Turn the bottles into mini plant-holders
You can add a new life to the empty bottles by using them as mini planters. Small plants can grow inside the bottle. Pour water in it and plant a small tree. With these bottles, you can create the cutest mini plant-holders. Clean the bottle carefully and precisely prior initiating the process. You can use these mini planters as creative gifts for your loved ones. In this way you can make eco-friendly items in your list. You can simply use water and drop one or two pinches of salt in it to keep your flowers stay fresh all throughout the day.

5. Make your pincushion
Use a fabric filled with stuffing to create the cutest pin cushion out of these bottles. Simply glue the stuffed fabric on the topmost part of the perfume bottle. Your pincushion is ready. You can use glitter on the body of the bottle to make aesthetically more appealing.

6. Turn them into reed diffusers
Another perfume bottles recycle idea is to turn them into reed diffusers. We all know that reed diffusers are one of the best options to make the interior of your house smell good without using any sort of fragrance candles or room fresheners. Get a clean empty perfume bottle. Fill it with some necessary scented oils and add some diffuser reeds and let your room smell good without using any other means. Besides, it can also enhance the beauty of the interior and can be used as an item for décor, and this also reduces the chance of any fire hazard.

7. Make your cooling mister
When the temperature rises we often long for a portable air conditioner to deal with the scorching heat. You can create your small conditioner. Get a clean old perfume bottle and fill it with clean cold water. Store the perfume bottle filled with water in the refrigerator and spray on to cool yourself. It is useful for women who are near there menopause and have temperature problems.

8. Make your own Chandelier
Are you an expert in a DIY project or know someone who is? You can make your own chandelier by using old perfume bottles. This is one of the most innovative perfume bottles to recycle ideas. You can colour them in different shades to scatter light in different colours. It will be a unique chandelier and surely it will draw the attention of your guests. It will certainly increase the beauty of your house and earn you a lot of praise.

9. Turn it into a Terrarium
If you are fond of terrarium then you can make one of your own. Get an old perfume bottle, clean it and fill it with some beautiful stones, soil and small plants. Terrarium made from perfume bottles looks very beautiful and attractive. This zero investment perfume bottles recycle DIY project will take the beauty of your home to the next level.

10. Create vintage photo frames
You can decoupage photos on the bottles to get startling photo frames. To create a vintage look of the house decoupage photo frames are a good choice. You can decorate the frame as per your creative aspirations.

11. Table Decor – Candleholder
Don’t you just wish you could use your bottles for something meaningful just one last time before you dispose of them? Well, gather up all your empty perfume bottles because it would appear that they make great candleholders! Under the right circumstances they could even make great table decorations as well (with little risk of the candle tipping over during dinner!).

With these DIY tactics, you can try your hands on the crafts. If crafts or art is not your cup of tea simply pass the empty perfume bottles to the collectors or the crafters. They can recycle the bottles giving them a new life.


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